Bespoke Coaching / Mentoring

The Manam approach to coaching and mentoring is centred on identifying the individual’s goals and then working collaboratively to construct measurable strategies to enable the individual to achieve these stated goals.

The initial sessions are usually focussed on establishing the Goal Type, reframing (when necessary) Avoidance Goals into Approach Goals, formulating a SMART Goal and then structuring the Tasks and Methods needed to achieve the goal.

To use a navigating analogy, the Goal is the required destination, the Tasks are the route or routes we identify to get to that destination and the Methods are the means of transport we employ to travel the routes to get to the destination.

Goal Type

Example:  "I want to feel less anxious"

Example: "I want my relationship with my partner to be better"

Example: "I want to feel more comfortable in my body"

Example: "I want to get to know more about myself"

Example: "I want to improve my self confidence"

Avoidance Goals to Approach Goals

"I don't think I would be able to do that college course I want"  (Avoidance)
"I want to feel confident when I start that college course I want" (Approach)

An avoidance statement blocks us from engaging, we change the focus to engage the goal


S - Specific  (The goal is focussed upon a particular issue)

M – Measurable  (There is a means to assess the progress being made)

A - Attainable  (The goal is realistic and has an end point)

R - Relevant  (The goal has intrinsic meaning for the individual)

T - Time Bound  (Considering a workable point in time in which to achieve the goal)

The Process

Identify Specific Goal / Goals
Identify the Task / Tasks for each Goal
Identify the Method / Methods for each Task
Working together we continually track progress and reassess, adapt, or refocus Tasks and Methods if necessary.

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